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STAYCATION or VACATION – We all need a rest…

What is “down-time” these days?  It is supposed to be time when we have no pressure to do anything and can either just veg out or do something totally care free.  How often do you actually schedule yourself – Down-Time? 

Down-time is essential for your life and will actually help you perform better when you are in “Up-Time” or just the normal rush of everyday life.  With the digital age comes more pressure to deal with info from more sources than ever before, your brain can only handle so much – then everyone begins to have a bit of a melt down – at least a bit of brain fog.

To prevent the stress and cope with the constant rush, urgency and general pressure – you must take time to rest, relax, chill out and recoup.  That has to be enough time for you to first decompress from the stress, then rest, clear your head, recharge your body and get ready to return to the hectic pace of life.   That should be easy but, it isnt.  Especially in our troubled economy we all face a challenge to find the resources and time to relax and unwind.  More people cant afford to get away and end up staying in their normal world trying to recharge at home on a “Staycation.”  Well, good luck!

That is not a good idea but, indeed lots of people have to make good with that.  The idea of a vacation is to get away from all your routines so you can really get refreshed  by dealing with completely new and hopefully a pleasant environment far from your home.  Now trying to refresh yourself on a staycation at home is a real challenge.  Ok, if you are trying to do it, schedule some special activities that are outside your normal routine. 

Do not just stay home.  Change your patterns as much as possible.  Become a tourist in your home town.  Plan to invite some old friends you havent seen in a while to visit.  Do something useful like cleaning out the closet or garage.  Try doing something artistic like painting or turn on your creative spirit by playing an instrument or writing some poetry or a short story.  You could even go through your photo albums and make a collage of your favorite pictures.  Go visit a museum, planetarium, or park.  Try to catch a show at a theater or concert.  Perhaps you have some friends out of town that you can visit at least to get a change of scenery.   Whatever you do to escape your normal routine will help clear your head and recharge your body.  This is true of all Down-Time you manage to get for yourself.

Try to make an open, easy, flexible plan of your down-time.  The less pressure the better, the more loose and free you are about what you do, the more it will serve you.   The key is to enjoy your ability to “go-with-the-flow” and experience something different from your normal program.  This provides you with more than just rest; because what we really need is freedom, (freedom - from -, of -, to - ) be the way we would naturally be.  That has become a rare event for us and it is unfortunate. 

One important step towards feeling that internal freedom is to relax and go inside your mind to visit your deepest desires and dreams.  As you connect to your deeper inner thoughts and feelings, they will offer you the opportunity to experience and perhaps even express that most authentic part of your being.  That is a necessary and vital part of keeping your life in balance and being able to cope with the normal stress of your regular routines. 

So, make the most of your Down-Time!  Get some as often as you can and let yourself relax and refresh your body and mind.  Return to your regular life recharged with a new sense of balance and healthy energy!




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