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Happy Valentines – Especially in REAL Life NOT Cyberspace

Wednesday, February 13th, 2013

I tell people that relationships are either BLESSED or STRESSED.  That means that if your are fortunate enough to have found someone that you can feel close to and develop a relationship – consider yourself lucky, if indeed you both are living in bliss, everything works and feels happy – then you are Blessed.  If not, well then you are advised to deal with the stress and try to resolve it.  Truly, every relationship goes through moments of stress and difficulty which should be an opportunity to work on things and make life better.  Self improvement is an excellent tool to make love grow.  That is not the easy path to take. but if your relationhip is stressed, it is time to learn, grow, evolve and try to take things to the next level higher.

That is an optimistic perspective.  I suggest that couples try to work on the STRESSED type of relationships for some time, depending on the situation and how long the couple has been together, but at least a few months of effort is good.  Then, if with professional advice and outside help things do NOT improve, it may be a sign to move on.  This is always a difficult decision because of the investment people have already made but, sometimes it is a necessary option. 

SO, I hope that you are in a Blessed Relationship and are able to enjoy many special occasions – like Valentines Day – adding them to your golden book of memories.  I think it is important to honor the special moments you share with someone and save them in a special place.  This builds one of the most precious elements of life – HISTORY.  If you got a good thing going celebrate it often and save those memories in a sacred place. 

For those of you still searching for LOVE and a Relationship, I suggest going out into the world to do so and stay away from the computer.  Online dating is certainly a great way to “Hook Up” and meet people but you are missing the most important ingridient – chemistry.  When you imagine who you are looking for and then go out to meet new people, you are bound to run into a few interesting personalities.  Tune your intuitive radar to that good vibe and listen.  Real Life will bring you a Blessed Relationship much faster than digital profile ever could. 

So wishing everyone to find and enjoy Love, today and everyday.  



STAYCATION or VACATION – We all need a rest…

Wednesday, August 1st, 2012

What is “down-time” these days?  It is supposed to be time when we have no pressure to do anything and can either just veg out or do something totally care free.  How often do you actually schedule yourself – Down-Time? 

Down-time is essential for your life and will actually help you perform better when you are in “Up-Time” or just the normal rush of everyday life.  With the digital age comes more pressure to deal with info from more sources than ever before, your brain can only handle so much – then everyone begins to have a bit of a melt down – at least a bit of brain fog.

To prevent the stress and cope with the constant rush, urgency and general pressure – you must take time to rest, relax, chill out and recoup.  That has to be enough time for you to first decompress from the stress, then rest, clear your head, recharge your body and get ready to return to the hectic pace of life.   That should be easy but, it isnt.  Especially in our troubled economy we all face a challenge to find the resources and time to relax and unwind.  More people cant afford to get away and end up staying in their normal world trying to recharge at home on a “Staycation.”  Well, good luck!

That is not a good idea but, indeed lots of people have to make good with that.  The idea of a vacation is to get away from all your routines so you can really get refreshed  by dealing with completely new and hopefully a pleasant environment far from your home.  Now trying to refresh yourself on a staycation at home is a real challenge.  Ok, if you are trying to do it, schedule some special activities that are outside your normal routine. 

Do not just stay home.  Change your patterns as much as possible.  Become a tourist in your home town.  Plan to invite some old friends you havent seen in a while to visit.  Do something useful like cleaning out the closet or garage.  Try doing something artistic like painting or turn on your creative spirit by playing an instrument or writing some poetry or a short story.  You could even go through your photo albums and make a collage of your favorite pictures.  Go visit a museum, planetarium, or park.  Try to catch a show at a theater or concert.  Perhaps you have some friends out of town that you can visit at least to get a change of scenery.   Whatever you do to escape your normal routine will help clear your head and recharge your body.  This is true of all Down-Time you manage to get for yourself.

Try to make an open, easy, flexible plan of your down-time.  The less pressure the better, the more loose and free you are about what you do, the more it will serve you.   The key is to enjoy your ability to “go-with-the-flow” and experience something different from your normal program.  This provides you with more than just rest; because what we really need is freedom, (freedom - from -, of -, to - ) be the way we would naturally be.  That has become a rare event for us and it is unfortunate. 

One important step towards feeling that internal freedom is to relax and go inside your mind to visit your deepest desires and dreams.  As you connect to your deeper inner thoughts and feelings, they will offer you the opportunity to experience and perhaps even express that most authentic part of your being.  That is a necessary and vital part of keeping your life in balance and being able to cope with the normal stress of your regular routines. 

So, make the most of your Down-Time!  Get some as often as you can and let yourself relax and refresh your body and mind.  Return to your regular life recharged with a new sense of balance and healthy energy!




Spring into Greater Achievement

Monday, April 30th, 2012

Springtime always brings to mind blossoming, a time of renewal and growth.  This is an important metaphor to remind us that we too need to reflect and find ways to grow our best ideas. 

Three critical factors will decide how far you will go.  Vision, Energy, and Persistence.  First, you must have a plan, a very clear vision of what exactly you want to accomplish.  I refer to this part as the “soft side” because it is just in your mind and yes it is very important, but without action it will go nowhere.  Every plan requires a very well organized strategic approach.  The second step is to put in the Energy – the “hard side” because the actual actions you take to achieve your goals is extremely vital to making any progress.  Finally, you must consider the obstacles, challenges and delays you may encounter – there you must remain Persistent in order to overcome the difficulties and ultimately reach your goals. 

This is a complex process, it requires good ideas, a great plan, lots of well directed actions and the persistence to achieve success.  I offer workshops and private consultations regarding personal achievement and have helped many people develop effective plans.  It is not easy to organize and realize your goals, but why do people assume that it should be an easy task.  Success has many rewards, that is precisely why it is usually challenging.

Take advantage of the changes of the seasons and spring into action.  Take a piece of paper right now and jot down your top ten goals for this year.  Consider what resources you have and how you can accomplish your plans.  Follow the steps outlined and perhaps you too will enjoy greater success!

Cheers!  JR

What does the New Decade Mean in the New Millennium?

Friday, December 31st, 2010

TIME MARCHES ON… We are all painfully aware of how quickly time keeps moving, what opportunities have been missed, who we forgot to thank or connect with, and even more so, how much time we have left to do what we want.

I find it very interesting how we group time into particular segments: seconds, hours, weeks, years, decades, generations, centuries, and millennia. I like seconds and minutes. They make the most sense to me. They were invented based on the human heart beat (which averages 60 beats per minute). Which ultimately established the day with 24 hours (one neat revolution of the earth). Now a year is my other favorite, 365 days (just 1 orbit around the sun) which is real good chunk of time, isn’t it? A year offers us 525,600 minutes or 31,536,000 seconds to spend any way we choose to. That’s plenty of moments to enjoy and create many worthwhile memories to store for the future or just lose to that inevitable passage of time.

Personally, I do not like days, weeks or months. They are the wrong length for our own good. Wouldn’t it be nice for days to be 28 hours long and weeks to have 2 weekends? That would give us more time to work and play. Hours are a good chunk of time but months should follow the moon and 13 months would fit much better into a year. Ancient societies lived by the lunar cycle, wonder who was the moron that create these odd months? : ) Nevertheless, it’s a year and a decade that concerns me the most here.

The point of this story is that one year is an excellent chunk of time. I think of New Year’s Eve as the beginning of a world-wide race, who is going to get the most of their year! We all get exactly the same number of moments the only difference is what YOU DO WITH THEM. A decade is also an ideal segment of time because it usually takes about 10 years for a person to become an expert or master of some activity. Research has documented this story.

Well then, what we do with our 365 days is mostly up to us, if you find the motivation, inspiration, and energy, along with a vision, plan and the resources – you will be able to accomplish amazing things this next year. Even more importantly, may I suggest that you stop and reflect about what you have spent the past decade doing; most likely you have been developing your skills and abilities to do your “thing” more effectively and successfully. Each new decade of practice takes us to a higher level of mastery and a deeper sense of confidence in what we do. This is one of the most special and practical aspects of our solar system. Literally, the sun and our orbiting planets have given us these unique chunks of time for us to utilize in the best way possible. A decade ago we officially began the New Millennium. Now we are about to start the next decade, yet I am aware of so much trouble in our world. Why are we still so far away from a time of universal cooperation, peace, prosperity, and harmony among us people?

May I propose a new direction for this next decade. First, on the personal level, I would like to urge everyone to consider what they intend to master and develop over the next decade (you must have a very clear plan – see Resources below). Secondly, on a social level, I wish that we call this the “UPP” Decade, dedicated to developing and mastering our sense of Unity, Peace and Prosperity. Perhaps, we are at that “tipping point” when enough people believe it is time to end the prejudice, hatred, violence, greed, and isolation, then maybe we will achieve a new level of harmony and progress on this beautiful planet.

If you like this idea, then please pass this message on. Start with your own effort to make the next year and decade into an example of going in positive directions! Don’t under estimate your power, because you can lead others towards greater success and happiness. The key is to help each other refocus on the positive side of life, on kindness, creativity, love, patience, generosity, cooperation, and optimism. Create a plan and make the most of your year!

For heaven’s sake, even our solar system has been conspiring to give us the right chunks of time to make more progress easier. The obvious thing is that if we all agree on making Unity, Peace and Prosperity our goals, the positive energy will expand helping us all to achieve more!

Wishing you a Fabulous New Year and New Decade! Cheers! JR

NETWORKING – a digital reality in a virtual world

Sunday, September 7th, 2008

Good Day!

Nearly every event we get involved in requires some degree of NETWORKING… organizing social connections, reaching out to old friends or trying to make new ones. The digital age has dramatically changed the way this is done. Instead of going over to visit someone or at least pick up a phone and speak with them, we are writing emails, text messages, blogging, posting our ideas on YouTube, MySpace, and so on. we spend more time with our electronic gizmos in cyber space than we do connecting with people. I too, use all of these modern systems, but I still prefer human contact.

How about you, does digital communication bother you too, or is it the best way to reach out these days?

In my opinion we are getting better at touching keyboards than each other. Multi-tasking has taken on a whole new meaning, when you are ordering your mocha capuccino, texing a friend, and talking to your co-worker that decided to take a break with you. On one hand, none of this technology is bad, but it is distracting, it takes our mind off what we are doing and puts it somewhere in cyberspace. In order to promote a more productive and happy life, we need to exercise mindfulness, living in the now, and actually connecting face to face with people.

There is a new challenge facing us, to juggle all these digital tools and our own flesh and blood reality. I hear about people texting each other from upstairs to downstairs. How will replacing the old fashioned face to face communication affect our world a generation from now? When I am with people, I feel more hunger for more closeness and intimacy. Lets see what will be in the future.

Do You Think Life is Getting TOO Complicated?

Monday, July 16th, 2007

Our civilization is constantly getting more sophisticated, we have more possibilities than ever before, we have access to unlimited information but, has it made our life easier? In reality, do you feel that most of what the modern world has given us is actually becoming part of the burden we carry. Are you one of the people who wish for greater simplicity, is less better?

Our world has indeed become increasingly more and more complex, the problem is that our mind is designed to deal with simplicity better. Although, it is possible to for us to deal with all the complexity, and some of us are really very good at it, there are many that become exhausted by all the pressure.

The endless complexity of life is stressful to all of us in some way. Even if you deal with it effectively, it does require more work than less and consequently it takes a toll on all of us. The question is what to do?

The answer is to simplify your own life as much as possible, find ways to keep the world around you simple enough and learn to enjoy the rest as much as you can. This is what we all wish we could do easily but, it is something we can all learn to do eventually. The key is to become aware of your intention and desire for that simplicity and work at creating more of it for yourself and others.

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