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What is your favorite CHUNK of TIME?

Friday, January 28th, 2011

Time is the only thing that we all get the exact same amount of every day of life. Depending upon what you do with your chunks you can either feel rewarded or cheated by life in some way. The way you notice and work with time may play an important factor in how much progress and success you enjoy every day. It is a PERSONALITY MATTER, some people like minutes, others favor days, some prefer hours or weeks. What is your favorite chunk of time? The answer will affect how you percieve and utilize time.

My favorite part of time are seconds, they originally were created based on the human heart beat (60 per minute) which established minutes, hours, days and so on. I see life, in moments, they tend to be very short chunks of time usually only seconds in length but, they form the most vivid and important experiences that I like to recall. Everybody can have their favorite. What is your favorite chunk of time and why do you think so?

What does the New Decade Mean in the New Millennium?

Friday, December 31st, 2010

TIME MARCHES ON… We are all painfully aware of how quickly time keeps moving, what opportunities have been missed, who we forgot to thank or connect with, and even more so, how much time we have left to do what we want.

I find it very interesting how we group time into particular segments: seconds, hours, weeks, years, decades, generations, centuries, and millennia. I like seconds and minutes. They make the most sense to me. They were invented based on the human heart beat (which averages 60 beats per minute). Which ultimately established the day with 24 hours (one neat revolution of the earth). Now a year is my other favorite, 365 days (just 1 orbit around the sun) which is real good chunk of time, isn’t it? A year offers us 525,600 minutes or 31,536,000 seconds to spend any way we choose to. That’s plenty of moments to enjoy and create many worthwhile memories to store for the future or just lose to that inevitable passage of time.

Personally, I do not like days, weeks or months. They are the wrong length for our own good. Wouldn’t it be nice for days to be 28 hours long and weeks to have 2 weekends? That would give us more time to work and play. Hours are a good chunk of time but months should follow the moon and 13 months would fit much better into a year. Ancient societies lived by the lunar cycle, wonder who was the moron that create these odd months? : ) Nevertheless, it’s a year and a decade that concerns me the most here.

The point of this story is that one year is an excellent chunk of time. I think of New Year’s Eve as the beginning of a world-wide race, who is going to get the most of their year! We all get exactly the same number of moments the only difference is what YOU DO WITH THEM. A decade is also an ideal segment of time because it usually takes about 10 years for a person to become an expert or master of some activity. Research has documented this story.

Well then, what we do with our 365 days is mostly up to us, if you find the motivation, inspiration, and energy, along with a vision, plan and the resources – you will be able to accomplish amazing things this next year. Even more importantly, may I suggest that you stop and reflect about what you have spent the past decade doing; most likely you have been developing your skills and abilities to do your “thing” more effectively and successfully. Each new decade of practice takes us to a higher level of mastery and a deeper sense of confidence in what we do. This is one of the most special and practical aspects of our solar system. Literally, the sun and our orbiting planets have given us these unique chunks of time for us to utilize in the best way possible. A decade ago we officially began the New Millennium. Now we are about to start the next decade, yet I am aware of so much trouble in our world. Why are we still so far away from a time of universal cooperation, peace, prosperity, and harmony among us people?

May I propose a new direction for this next decade. First, on the personal level, I would like to urge everyone to consider what they intend to master and develop over the next decade (you must have a very clear plan – see Resources below). Secondly, on a social level, I wish that we call this the “UPP” Decade, dedicated to developing and mastering our sense of Unity, Peace and Prosperity. Perhaps, we are at that “tipping point” when enough people believe it is time to end the prejudice, hatred, violence, greed, and isolation, then maybe we will achieve a new level of harmony and progress on this beautiful planet.

If you like this idea, then please pass this message on. Start with your own effort to make the next year and decade into an example of going in positive directions! Don’t under estimate your power, because you can lead others towards greater success and happiness. The key is to help each other refocus on the positive side of life, on kindness, creativity, love, patience, generosity, cooperation, and optimism. Create a plan and make the most of your year!

For heaven’s sake, even our solar system has been conspiring to give us the right chunks of time to make more progress easier. The obvious thing is that if we all agree on making Unity, Peace and Prosperity our goals, the positive energy will expand helping us all to achieve more!

Wishing you a Fabulous New Year and New Decade! Cheers! JR

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