A highly interactive 6 hour workshop where the participants have the opportunity to identify their personal strengths and find ways to improve communication and managerial skills.

The specific content is customized to your company’s particular needs and concerns.  We offer you the following questions to consider because we want to make an effort to analyze exactly how to approach your company.  Your answers and suggestions will be incorporated into our workshop to generate the greatest impact in the shortest time.


1.  What specific challenge does the company continually have trouble with?

2.  How effectively does the chain of command work at your organization?

3.  If you could increase the performance of one system what would it be?

4.  Is there a frequent source of irritation or stress in your group?

5.  Does your organization constantly dev2elop leadership qualities?


The program we offer can best be delivered in person to your group, or it can be done by webinar over the internet.  The main event is usually followed up by telephone consults and/or webinars to keep the momentum going.  Involving the most comprehensive group of people from your organization has proven to be most effect for long term changes.

This is an experiential program that provides the knowledge and skills to increase individual competency within your organization.  The core subjects are:

  • Psychology & personalities
  • Communication styles and skills
  • Ethics & integrity
  • Leadership skills & autonomy
  • Analytical thinking & brainstorming skills
  • Managing stress and improving performance

The format is usually one day (6 hours with breaks) which starts as a site visit to first observe the normal operation of your team before the workshop begins.  As we spend about an hour walking around your facility we take notes and can make suggestions regarding various aspects of your operation.

The workshop is led by John Ryder.  I keep the pace fast, with high energy and carefully prepared workbook that keeps everyone focused on specific topics.  Through this event participants are given the opportunity to test their skills and abilities to achieve higher levels of performance.  I help each person raise their own bar and give them objective measures to monitor their progress.  I focus on dev2eloping their strengths and gaining the leverage to overcome any weaknesses.  The outcome of this part is to enhance each individual’s self esteem, motivation, and long range vision. The program will ask provocative questions and utilize exercises that force people to push themselves out of their comfort zone.  I urge that as many members of your team as possible participate to maximize impact.  The topics covered will dev2elop autonomy, responsibility, integrity, and creative problem solving.  I want your team to feel empowered to succeed more.  The follow up consults are included in order to maintain those positive changes.

The expected outcome of this event is to stimulate thinking, improve self esteem, enhance performance, decrease stress, improve communication and dev2elop leadership skills.  This workshop promises to boost morale, heighten motivation, generate new ideas, and increase overall performance.  This usually translates into measurable increases in profits, growth, loyalty, and business success.  You are certainly aware of all the literature that documents the objective value of professional business coaching.

The program consists of the preliminary evaluation, preparation, the actual event, and follow up consults.  The standard package includes up to 12 thirty minute follow-up consults.  Additional coaching packages can be purchased.
I hope that this proposal substantiates the commitment of time and resources required to make it happen.  I welcome your questions and feedback in order to plan the most successful program for your group.

Please feel free to call the office or send an email with your inquiry.

Contact the office   212  779-4114


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