Personal Perspective by John Ryder, Ph.D.

I believe everyone is born with unique talents, gifts, a large variety of personal resources and a smaller number of limitations. Every person has dreams and expectations some of which come true, others never do. How fast and how far you progress in realizing all your potentials depends directly on what you do and how you do it.

I have found that it is just as important to have what it takes to succeed as it is to have what it takes to cope with those temporary setbacks we all must endure. Most people are better at one of these than the other. Those who learn to master both these skills (achievement and adaptation) discover that life becomes easier to conquer and cope with.

Throughout life, this becomes your quest for fulfillment and the art of living.

We already know the proven steps others have used to succeed at the game of life. Whether you must overcome illnesses, bad habits, various personal obstacles or if you want to achieve greater happiness, wealth, creativity, wisdom and harmony in life, there are many things you can do to succeed. Increasing your awareness and understanding of yourself and life prepares you for the most amazing journey. Those individuals who recognize life as an opportunity to learn and experience the fantastic wonders of the world engage in this quest with passion. They discover the power of their mind to escape the primitive instinctual nature that dominates most people with fear or anger and allows them to transform these lower impulses into creative expression of their higher, spiritual nature. Anyone can experience fulfillment and happiness, it is not reserved for just some people, its for everyone.

In the larger perspective, I see psychology as both the science and art of working with the mind, body, and spirit of the individual. I do my best to help each individual dev2elop the skills and obtain the knowledge to adapt or achieve. Once you know the science of success, the specific steps you must take to reach your goals, then you must also dev2elop the art of life, relying on your inner wisdom or intuition to help you adapt to life most effectively. These two skills together assure you the greatest fulfillment.

Few problems ever go away by themselves although many people are willing to wait a long time thinking they might. I like to suggest that seeking professional help on a problem is intelligent, will get rid of it sooner, and let you get on with life. I enjoy working with people from every walk of life, from the very affluent and powerful to young students struggling. I have clients from nearly every corner of our world and found that the same problems cause stress to us all. Consequently, I have dev2eloped my own eclectic approach to teach you how to remove obstacles and promote positive growth.

Some people may want to explore their lives and various issues or relationships in greater depth. This can be a very rewarding process. Certain people who wish to journey farther in the psychic sphere may choose to explore past lives or learn how to meditate and reach higher states of consciousness. I know of no limits on the insight and rewards that an individual can attain in the pursuit of knowledge.

I am ready to help you overcome any obstacles and maximize your potentials. I believe we are all here to learn about life and ourselves. I teach people how to decrease stress and increase happiness. As a licensed psychologist I have the scientific training to give you practical tools to work with and after more than four decades of exploring our world I am prepared to guide you through this labyrinth more effectively to your goals.

If you would like to schedule an appointment with Dr. Ryder please call the office or send an email to make arrangements. 212 686-5758


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