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Working on your relationships is a natural part of everyday of life.

Using a psychologist to make the process more effective only makes sense.

Relationships can be the most complex source of our problems.  However complicated, if you want them to work out then you may want expert advice.

I have experience helping people develop excellent relationships at work or at home.  What is important is to understand the dynamics of what each person needs and how the other person wants to or can meet those needs.  When conflicts arise, I try to help both individuals better understand the often unspoken expectations and find new ways to meet each other's needs. 

When your relationships are not feeling good and making progress then you begin to experience stress, conflict, and pain.  Do not let the normal strains of life steal your well being from you.  Let me assist you to resolve the conflicts, develop the skills and understanding to improve the relationship and progress in your life. 

A large part of my practice is dedicated to helping people with interpersonal relations.  There are many ways that I enjoy working on these issues.  With couples I can see both people at the same time, or I can arrange separate appointments for each, to let both individuals express their personal concerns. 

I am your expert to serve your needs.  Call my office and explain to me your situation and allow me to tell you how I can help.

You can call the office now for a FREE telephone consult:  212 - 686 - 5758

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