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Psychotherapy And Hypnotherapy

Psychotherapy Hypnosis

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Life is all about Psychology - the more you know the easier life gets...

You most likely realize that we all encounter problems in life. Nobody is born able to deal with stress and the challenges of life. Every person must learn though their own experience how to manage life more effectively.

Whatever difficulties you may be facing, remember there is always another way to deal with it that you are probably not aware of. That is precisely why we seek out the advice of others that may have a more objective perspective. Psychology is not about what is just abnormal, it is about "why we do the things we do." The purpose of psychology is to improve our understanding of people and relationships and how we can achieve greater success and happiness.

Psychotherapy is the art of communication and science of behavioral change. That means that therapists have an ethical obligation to observe and listen to their client and help him or her achieve the changes that they desire and need to feel good. To be effective, psychotherapists must teach new skills to their clients that promote progress and improvement on all levels of life. Part of this process depends on delivering insights and greater awareness and part on accessing new approaches to old problems.

Hypnosis is the most natural phenomena that everyone experiences daily. Trance is being in two places at the same time. Like when you are on a bus, train or car and all of a sudden you realize it is your stop/exit and you react. How did you surprise yourself? Simply, by being in a trance. This is normal for all of us to experience. Hypnosis, is the process of guided relaxation and focusing of attention to enter a trance. Once in a trance, a skilled therapist can help you in many ways because you are more receptive to change and healing. Hypnosis makes it easy to communicate with the subconscious or the inner workings of the mind. It is a very powerful tool which I teach many clients to use on their own.

Most of my hypnotic sessions are recorded "live"so that the client can practice the exercise on their own at home. Learning the techniques of hypnosis is a valuable skill to have in everyday life. The major source of that power comes from the ability to "let-go" releasing any negativity or trouble. Once you learn how to use this tool, it will always be useful to you throughout life.

When you encounter a problem, it is an opportunity to learn about life, develop what I refer to as your "Mental Fitness." As you learn to exercise the muscles of your mind, you become stronger and develop greater flexibility to deal with life more effectively. The unwanted emotions like anxiety, fear, anger, depression, and apathy, are a common part of all people. The real question is whether you learn to escape those feelings and transform them into positive or healthy emotions. The approach I use helps each individual develop his or her Mental Fitness so that you can manage the challenges of life more effectively.


If you are interested, I have a BLOG on the PSYCHOLOGY TODAY website that discusses Hypnosis and the Power of Trance