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John Ryder, Ph.D.  Master Hypnotherapist is in LA for only this week Oct. 25 – Oct 31. Please call or text (646-338-5758) to set up an appointment his time is limited, consult one of the most experienced doctors you can find.

H Y P N O S I S – will amaze you and serve your needs very well… 

Hypnosis is a very powerful technique to help you heal physical problems, explore your life, or even previous incarnations, resolve conflicts, enhance performance and much more…

I have over 30 years of experience teaching people how to use hypnosis as a psychologist and hypnotherapist.

Hypnotherapy has been around for thousands of years and has over the past century become a major approach for dealing with a variety of concerns.

Can YOU be Hypnotized?  YES, but only because you are willing to enter a trance, nobody can be hypnotized against their will.

Hypnosis is SAFE.  There are no serious risks, however you should trust the person hypnotizing you that they can deliver what you desire.  I have the experience and skills to help you reach your goals more effectively.

Hypnosis is an altered state of consciousness that you enter voluntarily by relaxing your body and focusing your mind in a special way.  We all enter a TRANCE under various circumstances and how deep you go depends on many factors.  In short, hypnosis makes you able to experience many interesting things by giving you greater access to the power of your mind, it makes you more easily persuaded to change your mind and hence it can be very useful.

Hypnosis is an excellent technique because it can bypass the conscious mind to help you achieve various changes in life more easily.  It is however a very complex matter and requires someone with a great deal of knowledge and experience to utilize the power of hypnosis to accomplish your goals effectively.


Learn to relax and let go
stop worrying and eliminate anxiety
get rid of fears or phobias
overcome traumatic events (PTSD)
gain control of your anger
prepare for public speaking
improve performance
get rid of bad habits
stop smoking
lose weight
minimize pain
improve your health
escape stress
stop digestive problems (IBS, Chrones, ulcers)
heal respiratory problems (asthma, allergies)
stop nervous tics
stop pulling hair, nail biting, cutting
boost your immune system
fight cancer
deal with chronic illness or chronic pain
find lost articles
recall memories
resolve conflicts
explore your mind
Spiritual journeys and Exploration
Resolve traumatic experiences
Explore Past Life Experiences
enhance creativity
dev2elop your talents
prepare for competition
enhance study skills or prepare for examinations
improve sleep
and many more possibilities

Hypnosis is the most natural phenomena that everyone experiences daily. Trance is being in two places at the same time. Like when you are on a bus, train or car and all of a sudden you realize it is your stop/exit and you react. How did you surprise yourself? Simply, by being in a trance. This is normal for all of us to experience. Hypnosis, is the process of guided relaxation and focusing of attention to enter a trance. Once in a trance, a skilled therapist can help you in many ways because you are more receptive to change and healing. Hypnosis makes it easy to communicate with the subconscious or the inner workings of the mind. It is a very powerful tool which I teach many clients to use on their own.

Hypnosis does not present any dangers, you do not lose control and you will remember the experience. I have a great deal of experience and have only seen the positive effects of hypnotherapy with my clients.

I have mastered hypnosis and hypnotic techniques many years ago, have a very talented voice for inducing trance and hold many certificates and teach other therapists how to use hypnosis professionally. I am also a member of ASCH.net which is the American Society of Clinical Hypnosis.

Many of my hypnotic sessions are recorded “live”so that you can practice the exercise on your own at home. Learning the techniques of hypnosis is a valuable skill to have in everyday life. The major source of that power comes from the ability to “let-go” releasing any negativity or trouble. Once you learn how to use this tool, it will always be useful to you throughout life.

I am the expert to serve your needs. Call my office and explain to me your situation and allow me to tell you how I can help.  Call Dr. Ryder right now to get world-class service – sessions last 90 minutes to 3 hours – by appointment only – professional fees are proportionate to the level of expertise you are provided.

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Dr. John Ryder

Dr. Ryder


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