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This is your pathway to progress and prosperity!

My book POSITIVE DIRECTIONS - Shifting Polarities to Escape Stress and Increase Happiness offers a basis for many of my speaking topics and workshops I lead. This work has earned me the nickname of Mental Fitness Expert becuase I present the tools, techniques, strategies and skills to be more mentally fit, less stressed and more resilient, flexible, creative, and so on. Below find a sample of some of my speaking topics.


I am regarded as a very dynamic presenter who prepares for each talk to deliver more than expected. Call the office to see how we can customize a presentation for your group. I take great pride in my work and pour my heart and soul into each event plus over 25 years of experience based on hard core scientific and academic knowledge. My information is backed by empirical research, good solid logic, and great common sense.

I also make my presentations FUN with MAGIC and ILLUSIONS. The tricks I use are clever ways to demonstrate the points I raise and make the information easier to remember. The magic aspect of the show makes my events very entertaining!

Low Tech - means the old fashioned easel or blackboard presentation,teaching in college made me fine with this level. I can be quite dramatic when necessary, with magic, jokes and examples, which tend to evoke a bigger response from the audience.

High Tech - means a special multi-media event using a power point presentation and anything else. Hand outs are usually prepared for the audience to follow and have a place to write notes in. My talks are rich in content and passionately delivered.


Dr. Ryder's events are competitively priced. The bigger question is how much MONEY can you SAVE by having a special presentation improve performance, attitudes, loyalty, and so on? Another question is how much MORE MONEY will you EARN? There are endless benefits to an excellent presentation. It is my intention to motivate your group, give them the skills to excel and deal with obstacles and challenges more effectively; these factors produce tangible results. Commonly, after a workshop, just one great idea generated from your group can lead to a windfall of profit! There is no question that the right speaker can make a giant difference to your bottom line as well as your top line of peak performance standards. Let us know your budget and we will work with you. The length of the program, whether we make just one event, a series, coach small groups or have just one large workshop; all these terms remain flexible and allow us to design the right venue for you.


Under the right circumstances and for the right reasons, Dr. Ryder is prepared to perform pro-bono if it is a worthy cause and the logistics are feasable.


Consulting: individual or group.

Have a well trained, seasoned mind come discuss possibilities with a fresh, different perspective. A great idea is just a thought away.


Achievement Coaching:


Every group periodically requires an external stimulus to increase awareness and change old patterns. Your staff will enjoy the benefits of professional coaching because it raises their own levels of competency which boosts motivation and performance. My coaching skills have helped individuals and groups discover their potential to improve and excel at work and life in general.

Keynote Speaking Engagements:

Dr. Ryder is known for his dynamic, entertaining style where he stimulates the imagination, questions old beliefs, and creates the motivation for greater achievement. He has addresses small and large groups to inspire the freedom to think and act differently. Call the office to discuss creating a customized presentation for your group. How much time will be given and what are the basic logistics.


I have experience before a wide variety of people. I naturally customize each presentation to address the needs and interests of your group. Whether you have students, a Rotary club, or a room full of executives, my address will be genuine, captivating, valuable, memorable and most of all useful.


GET LEVERAGE - Master Keys Workshops. These are Dr. Ryder's signature one or two day events designed to stimulate, educate, and liberate better thinking and more successful behaviors. For more information: see below or go to Get Leverage Workshop



Experiential events that give people practical skills to lower levels of stress while raising levels of motivation, performance, and outcomes. Flexible programming from a short 2 hour event to a two day intensive. You decide what your group requires and we will customize a program to meet your needs.

Call the office to discuss your needs, you will surprised how cost effective this work can be! 212-779-4114 or email: DrJRyder@aol.com



Major topics are:


Achievement - identify the differences between superior performance, regular , peak and outstanding performance. Then you must master the skills to maintain the highest level of achievement you can.

Stress Management - training how to minimize stress while maximizing motivation and resilience. This is an extremely important subject that is often minimized, however, my expertise can help your audience better understand the causes and consequences of stress and begin developing creative ways to avoid feeling it or passing it on to others.

Brainstorming - techniques for creative problem solving. The key to thinking outside of the box, is to have a working knowledge of the mechanics of this process. I elaborate the specific skills required to enhance the potential of participants to feed off each other.

Critical Thinking - sharpening analytical skills to improve judgment and learn to better employ rational and intuitive strategies to resolve problems. There are times that we should rely on more purely logical information and there are other times when it is better to utilize that internal radar - gut feelings to make decisions. Using the wrong system at the wrong time can be very costly.

Decision Making - the skills to analyze, compare, evaluate, and decide the best path to take. Executing a choice is extremely important, understanding the criteria for making the best decisions is vital for success.

Ethics - dealing with the complex realities that often create "grey zones" where careless actions may jeopardize your career or the entire organization. Identifying the criteria to remain on the safe side of ethical behavior.

Communication Skills - developing the ability to "read" an individual and know how to approach them to be persuasive and likeable while getting what you want accomplished.

Negotiation and Persuasion Skills - discover how to identify the specific factors to convince a person you are offering them a great offer.

Escaping Bad Patterns - learning to be more flexible; how to replace negative habits with positive ones. How to identify limiting thinking or behaviors and change them for greater personal freedom and success.

Assertiveness and Confidence - building resilience and developing internal direction by increasing will power - the tools to visualize goals and access passionate energy for greater ambition, motivation, and determination.

Meaning and Significance - discovering what is the purpose and meaning of life. Aligning your goals with your group or organization and being aware of how the desired outcome can improve your world. This usually includes developing a mission statement for each individual that is reflective of the group identity.



Brief Proposal:

Below is our brief proposal for a one day event that promises to boost productivity at your company.  We hope that after you review the contents you will indulge us with the opportunity to answer any questions you may have.


The GET LEVERAGE Coaching System

A highly interactive 6 hour workshop where the participants have the opportunity to identify their personal strengths and find ways to improve communication and managerial skills.

The specific content is customized to your company's particular needs and concerns.  You are invited to submit your inquiry to our office to enable us to design the most effective workshop to generate the greatest impact in the shortest time. 

The program we offer can best be delivered in person to your group, or it can be done by webinar over the internet.  The main event is usually followed up by telephone consults and/or webinars to keep the momentum going.  The most effect approach for long term changes depends on including as many people as possible from your organization. 

This is an experiential program that provides the knowledge and skills to increase individual competency within your organization.  The core subjects are:


The format is usually one day (6 hours with breaks) which starts as a site visit to first observe the normal operation of your team before the workshop begins.  As we spend about an hour walking around your facility we take notes and can make suggestions regarding various aspects of your operation. 

The actual workshop is led by John Ryder and associates individually and together.  We keep the pace fast, with high energy and carefully prepared materials (workbook) that keeps everyone focused on specific topics.  Through this event your participants are given the opportunity to test their abilities and to achieve higher levels of performance.  We help each person raise their own bar and give them objective measures to monitor their progress.  We focus on developing their strengths and gaining the leverage to overcome any weaknesses.  The outcome of this part is to enhance each individual's self esteem, motivation, and long range vision.

The program will ask provocative questions and utilize exercises that force people to push themselves out of their comfort zone.  We urge that as many members of your team as possible participate to maximize impact.  The topics covered will develop autonomy, responsibility, integrity, and creative problem solving.  We want your team to feel empowered to succeed more.  The follow up consults are included in order to maintain those positive changes. 

The expected outcome of this event is to stimulate thinking, improve self esteem, enhance performance, decrease stress, improve communication and develop leadership skills.  This workshop promises to boost morale, heighten motivation, generate new ideas, and increase overall performance.  This usually translates into measurable increases in profits, growth, loyalty, and business success.  You are certainly aware of all the literature that documents the objective value of professional business coaching. 

The program consists of the preliminary evaluation, preparation, the actual event, and follow up consults.  Our professional packages are priced according to the depth, length, size of your group and the number of follow-up consults.  Additional coaching packages can be purchased separately.

We hope that this proposal substantiates the commitment of time and resources required to make it happen.  We welcome your questions and feedback in order to plan the most successful program for your group.



John Ryder is a psychologist, author and achievement coach with offices in New York City.  He earned a doctorate in psychology in 1988 and has continued to study with the most renown leaders of both Western thought and the Eastern philosophy.  His book Positive Directions describes how to reverse most negative events and refocus on the positive.  He is also a workshop leader helping people overcome challenges for over twenty years specializing in decreasing stress and improving  performance. 

Over the past three decades Dr. Ryder has had a diverse career.  Trained at the Mt. Sinai School of Medicine in New York, he served there as an Assistant Professor studying how the brain functions and he has published more than a dozen articles of his scientific work.  He has become a strong advocate of positive psychology and wants to share his knowledge of what the most successful, healthy and happy people already know.  He has been interviewed by the media on many radio and television talk shows as well as in the press.  He has been serving international clients as a consultant and executive coach leading seminars and workshops in a variety of industries.  He is an active member of the American Psychological Association, the American Society of Clinical Hypnosis, and the New York Academy of Science.  Dr. Ryder is known for his passion, optimism and commitment to share his wealth of information to improve the quality of life and achieve more success.  A highly requested speaker and workshop leader, he travels and lectures widely.

Call the office to discuss your needs, you will surprised how cost effective this work can be! 212-779-4114 or email: DrJRyder@aol.com

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