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Dr. John Ryder is a psychologist, author of Positive Directions and our mental fitness expert to help us ... (your subject...)


Dr. John Ryder is a psychologist, achievement coach, mental fitness expert and author of Positive Directions. His career has included research on how the brain works and the study of what the mind experiences. He has worked at Harvard, the Boston VA Hospital and served as an Assistant Professor at Mt Sinai Medical Center in New York. He has also traveled all over the world studying with renown leaders of Western thought and Eastern philosophy. He is with us to share his knowledge of what the most successful, healthy and happy people already know…


Sample of previous radio and TV stations interviewed on:

ABC - FOX 5 - NBC - PBS - NEWS Programs "Good Day New York"






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He has launched:

The Great American Mental Fitness Challenge


Who is the most positive and well adjusted person that can deal with any situation effectively and is strong emotionally, healthy, and happy?

Stations across America are sponsoring this challenge to encourage people to better cope with stress and stay on the positive side of life...The question is: what is OPTIMISM?


Being mentally fit means:
Not being irritable or irritating;
not getting offended or being offensive;
not getting stressed or being stressful;
certainly not pessimistic, impulsive, irrational, rigid or tense;

strong – energetic - powerful - rugged - compelling
flexible – tolerant – resilient - patient - tough - adaptive
motivated – ambitious - determined - invincible will power
focused – attentive - aware - able to concentrate - predictive
stable – solid - robust - reliable - responsible - prepared

balanced – caring – healthy – kind – compassionate - optimistic – happy – joyful - humorous - eager - enthusiastic
loving – creative – imaginative - patient;
think analytically - exercise good judgment - rational & intuitive; have a good memory – vital knowledge and skills

Know anyone that can meet the criteria?





Versatile Program:

Mental Fitness Show

What is the Greatest Challenge We All Face?


How do you stay optimistic when things look bleak?

How do you remain strong and not crumble when the earth is shaking?

What do you do to avoid a meltdown when life gets tough?

What are the five warning signs you or someone is about to have a melt down.

Five tools to stop stressing, losing your cool, or going crazy with worry.

How do you build Mental Muscles to get stronger and more flexible?

S H O R T version

Ask – Why do we get stressed out so easily?

Ask – What are the hidden dangers of stress?

Ask – So what is mental fitness?

Ask – What do you do when you are losing your cool, getting stressed out or being driven crazy by life?




Shifting Polarities to Escape Stress and Increase Happiness

Dr. Ryder’s book explains how you can refocus on the positive when life is a struggle. He describes a set of strategies the healthiest, happinest and most successful people already use that give you leverage to conquer stress, negative emotions, bad patterns, lack of energy, and poor judgment. He simplifies psychology into a new paradigm: if you are going in a negative direction, stop, reverse and go in the opposite – positive direction, toward greater success and fulfillment!


Why did you write this book?

Why are we so vulnerable to getting stressed out?

How does stress affect our physical and mental health?

What will people get from reading your book?


In times of crisis – what can we do better to deal with stress?

Five steps to improve your Mental Fitness?

What are the best tools to maintain your balance in times of stress?

What makes your identity or personality strong?

How do smart and healthy people take on challenges in life?

(More details about the book and Dr. Ryder below)

General Talking Points

(approximate time)

What is Mental Fitness? (15 - 60 seconds)

What indicates poor mental fitness? (15 -30 sec)

What makes people stronger mentally? (25 sec)

How do you become more mentally fit? (25 sec)


Stress -

Anxiety -

Frustration -

Pain and Misery -

Current Issues -

Does the "Secret" or attractor factor really work? (35 sec)
Why do the celebrities have so many troubles? (35 sec)
How do smart people do stupid things? (25 sec)

Questions about politics, behavior, ethics, values and so on.

Psychological Issues

Personal Achievement


Job Stress

Talking Points:

Do you lack motivation?
Are you able to relax?
What's wrong with how the mind works?
Does life have you down?
Too much anxiety?
Frustrated with your life?
Are you losing your temper?
Are you achieving your goals?
Do you need more confidence?
Is your life truly satisfying?
Want to stop making excuses?

Victims of Sex Abuse or Molestation
Drug abuse - addiction, recovery, rehabilitation

Mind over Body medicine
Anger management
Cancer sufferers, AIDs, chronic illness,

Attention (concentration & shifting)
Perception (awareness & knowledge)
Higher Self (objectivity & intention)
Passion (energy &motivation)
Will Power (determination & patience)
Judgment (rational & intuitive thinking)
Replacing patterns (positive programming)
Transformation (negative into positive)
Achieving Peak Potential (talents & goals)




Dr. Ryder's book POSITIVE DIRECTIONS and concept of Shifting Polarities explain what goes wrong in the mind and how to reverse negative situations in a healthy way. The main idea is to take the "pathology" out and help each individual find their own way to return to a positive balance.

He has been nicknamed the Mental Fitness Guru because he offers straight forward advice about what it means to be invincible, being able to assert yourself without losing your cool, maintaining a positive attitude regardless of circumstances, and so on. The key to being mentally fit is the subject of his book and many of his presentations.

Just like we all realize there is a necessity to exercise to be strong, flexible energetic, have good balance and enjoy better health; the very same factors apply to our mental fitness. A fit mind is strong, flexible, motivated, resilient, stable, confident, optimistic, imaginative, creative, resourceful, focused, attentive, secure, assertive, patient, rational, intuitive, independent, responsible, decisve, curious, and of course, loving. That's just the beginning of the list.

Just like with the body, you do not have to exercise to manage through life. There are plenty of overweight and unhealthy people to prove that. The same is true for the MIND, we know there are many people who are very stressed , anxious, angry, impulsive, lazy, selfish, forgetful, apathetic, indecisive, fragile, pessimistic, dependent, irritable, or irritating, and just miserable to be around. They still manage to go through life. The question is can we help people become more aware of what it takes to be more mentally fit and live a better life? I am certain the answer is absolutely yes!

My work is dedicated to enlightening and liberating people to be more aware and achieve more of their potential. If you are a member of the media, be certain that you have found a great positive resource for your audience.



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