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Positive Psychology the science of how to be more optimistic and happy.

"Optimism is not seeing the glass half full, it is how to keep filling your glass."JR


Recent Speaking Engagements


Presented at the:

IPPA Convention in Philadelphia 2011

APA Conference in Washington DC 2011


Better Leadership thru Mental Fitness

Internation Leadership Association Conference

Prague, Czech Republic

Nov 12-14, 2009


Radio Interview with

Jacqueline Foreman

About POSITIVE DIRECTIONS and how to stay ahead

Oct.30, 2009 on Blog Talk Radio



22 E 30 St. @ Madison Ave.

Sept 17, 21, Oct 1 - 2009




Dr. Ryder was invited to address the CSW convention at the UN 3/03/09

He presented:

Leadership and Mental Fitness



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Mission Statement & Credentials

I am a Psychologist with a positive perspective. I help you discover what you need to know to feel better and develop your strengths to achieve more - as quickly as possible.

My Mission:

I believe we are all here to learn about life and ourselves. Our quest for fulfillment requires that we gain the knowledge and skills to adapt to life, cope effectively with challenges and master our opportunities to achieve our potentials. I have dedicated my life to discover all the best tools to help you through this process successfully. I listen carefully; together we analyze your situation and then I offer you intelligent strategies on resolving problems and reaching goals. My practice is focused on finding the fastest solutions to facilitate change. I am an expert in utilizing a variety of powerful techniques to promote healing and change quickly. After twenty seven years of practice, I have combined the best approaches into my own system which relies on scientific (evidence based) techniques like cognitive behavioral psychotherapy, hypnosis (regressions, habit control, performance enhancement, etc.), NLP, EFT, bio-energetic, transpersonal, and analytical therapy. In addition, I rely on my intuition to focus on the right issue and often discover hidden pathways to help make progress. Most of all I like to refer to myself as a strategist, seeking the best solutions quickly.

Invest in Yourself:

You cannot go wrong when investing in yourself - your peace of mind, happiness, goals, dreams, well being and future. The question is whether I am the right individual to work with? My web site is designed to attract people who feel they resonate or connect with who I am. You are welcome to call my office to discuss with me whether you would like to work together on improving your life or just exploring and learning more about who you are and where you are going or perhaps better understanding where you have been.


Licensed Psychologist in New York State.

Certified Hypnosis Consultant, American Society of Clinical Hypnosis.

Ph.D. in Psychology from City University of New York

Served as an Assistant Professor at Mt.Sinai Medical Center, C U N Y .

Diplomate Psychotherapy Institute Harvard Medical School.

Author with over 2 dozen academic and human interest articles, and two books. Positive Directions

Corporate Consultant and achievement coach.

World traveler who visited more than 40 countries.

Extensive study of Eastern philosophy and science.

Practicing meditation from the age of sixteen.

Member of American Psychological Association.

Member of New York Academy of Science.

Member of American Society of Clinical Hypnosis.

Elected Professional of Who's Who of America.

My Message to You:

"I love my work and do it conscientiously. I am confident the tools I offer will help you explore your life and potentials more accurately to overcome obstacles and reach your goals. With my help you can replace any negative programs in your mind or bad feelings in your body with positive ones to reach your peak performance and optimal health. I teach people to decrease stress and increase success, learn how to eliminate anxiety, fear, anger, guilt, jealousy or depression. Develop your confidence, self control, learn to relax and let go. Get past blockages, resolve traumas from the past, build your confidence, strength, focus and motivation. The book I wrote describes my work and offers you many tools to help you make life easier. I also offer a variety of recorded programs that can help reprogram your mind to be more positive, healthy and live a more fulfilling life."


Dr. Ryder is a licensed psychologist, psychotherapist, hypnotherapist, and achievement coach with a private practice in Manhattan (Murray Hill). The office is located in a very quiet Townhouse at 109 East 36 Street, New York, NY 10016. He is an expert in hypnosis, NLP, and mind-body medicine. Dr. Ryder is the Mental Fitness Expert who explains why everyone gets stressed out so easily and how you can exercise the mind's muscles to be stronger and more flexible in life. He is the author of Positive Directions a personal development book that helps you make life easier and give you the power to achieve your goals.

Call Dr. Ryder to talk to him in person to see if you would enjoy working together on whatever "it" is that will benefit you. 212-779-4114

Suggestion: Read POSITIVE DIRECTIONS Shifting Polarities to Escape Stress and Increase Happiness. This book offers practical advice on how to deal with life more effectively and eliminate much of the struggle. Make life easier, click your way to purchase the book online (it comes with an interactive website and a ton of bonus gifts). You can also purchase the book at Dr. Ryder's office. There are also a number of valuable recorded CD programs that are designed to remove obstacles and help you achieve your goals. See the Online CATALOG.

Village Voice Voted Dr. Ryder "Best Hypnotherapist in NYC"

Appeared on EXTRA! as "Our expert on stress"

"Dr. Ryder is our expert on relationships"

Appeared on The New Yorkers.

Dr. Ryder has been giving interviews about his new book and talking about what it takes to be Mentally Fit with radio stations and press across America. To read about or listen to some interviews see the bottom of this page.

In the words of my clients - you can see that I love my work...

"Just wanted to thank you for being there and helping me through this rough period in my life." LZ

"Thank you for giving me the tools, confidence, the insight so that I may change my inner world ... gaining clarity, awakening the soul, a new consciousness of the heart, and an uplifting of the spirit" PJS

"I can't begin to tell you how much I admire you. Your perseverance, your strength, your intelligence, your special caring, sincere heart..." JC

"I have referred many patients to Dr. Ryder both for his capacity as a psychotherapist and hypnotherapist ... I have been more than satisfied with the quality of his work... it has been extremely beneficial." Dr. Leonard Malis, MD Professor & Chairman, Mt. Sinai School of Medicine.

"Thank you for helping me find love and to be in love" JS

"Thanks so much! I want to tell you how much your lecture at the New Life Expo last year helped me. You were an inspiration to me. Thank you." LB

"Thank you for all you have done for my family, my friends and me. I consider meeting you a special encounter and that you were placed in our lives for a purpose during these hard times. You have helped all of us to see clearly and live lightly. You have brought our attention to our inner strength and wisdom with your wisdom and understanding. You do what you do very well and with great compassion and insight and I would like to thank you..." ZF

"From the time I left your office until arriving home, my allergy was gone! Now I believe that anything is possible. I am grateful for the opportunity to work with you on a cure from the inside out." BL

"I appreciate so much the opportunity to attend your workshop. I was so encouraged and inspired by you and your concepts. These are real treasures beyond measure." SH



Dr. Ryder in the NEWS and PRESS:

Sample of Press, radio and TV stations interviewed on:

Bottom Line Personal, SELF, NewLife Magazine, RedBook, and others.

ABC - FOX 5 - NBC - PBS - NEWS Programs "Good Day New York"


Radio Talk Shows across America:





Radio Show Interviews witn Dr. Ryder

LISTEN to the Dr. PAT SHOW http://www.thedrpatshow.com/guests.php?guest=1025

Listen to my interview and hundreds of other amazing people talk about life ...

LISTEN TO THE GARY MANTZ SHOW He has a very interesting variety of programs.

Interview with John Ryder May 3, 2009 MP3 File This is about Positive Directions

Listen to the Jacqueline Foreman Show on Blog Talk Radio interview Dr. Ryder the book:

The Mental Health Radio Talk Show Recorded Friday Oct. 30, 2009 at 8 pm ET - 1Hr long.



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