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Tuesday, January 10th, 2012

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The True Purpose of Pessimism: Optimism

Thursday, January 5th, 2012

Another year, another day, will this be a good one or a stressful one?  So are you an optimist – and intend to celebrate or are you a pessimist – and plan on getting stressed out? 

Well, that depends doesn’t it?  If you are in a good place – personally, economically, physically, then there is nothing to do except enjoy!  However, what if you are struggling, you or someone close to you has health issues, you have economic pressures, or it may be enough that you are not in the ideal relationship.  Then what?  Typically, you are feeling stressed out and may not be so eager to go celebrate.  If there is anything raining on your parade what should you do?  Give up and sulk?  Not at all, instead you better turn up the optimism, make plans to celebrate and go have fun during the holidays.

We live in uncertain times.  This has always been true.  The question is should that uncertainty rob us of our well being and joy of life?  The answer is always a loud resounding – No!  Life can get difficult and put pressure on us that nobody would wish for but, we still have got to deal some crazy stuff – don’t we? 

That crazy stuff is the true nature of life, and it is the reason we all get that bluesy sense of negativity and feel pessimistic.  “Oh, it just wont work.”  “There is no way I am gonna make it.”  Etc, etc…

There is an important part of your brain that specializes in reversing this negative pessimism into its opposite – optimism.  This part of your brain knows how to minimize the depressing reality and blindly focus on the tiny light at the end of a hopelessly long dark tunnel.  I know about this part of the brain biologically, but I also understand it experientially because I have been there countless times in my own life.    

Pessimism is, or ought to be the alarm system in your head that tells you to do a quick reality check.  Then you are supposed to open the optimism valves on full to reverse the negativity and head in a positive direction no matter what else is going on around you.  Optimism is not an attitude that ‘the glass is half full’ rather it is an approach to life asking ‘how do I keep my glass full?’

This approach to life is not foreign to anyone.  To the contrary it is the most common approach we see among those successful people who have achieved their goals because the opposite nearly guarantees failure – and nobody really wants that.  So, what do you have to do to engage this optimistic attitude and make progress towards your goals?  The truth is that a positive attitude alone will get you nowhere.  You must have a system by which you can reach your dreams.

Optimism must be supported by first, a good plan of how you want to achieve your goals.  Then you must be willing and ready to take the necessary risks, invest the time and energy to realize your goals.  Optimism, means that you keep trying, that you don’t give up just because you have experienced some temporary failure or setback.  Perhaps, at this moment, you have begun to think about all the possibilities you have to excel, to achieve even more success, to have more, celebrate more and enjoy life more that before.  We all have the potential of achieving our dreams but, only if you pursue them and make the effort that is required to reach those goals.  There are no guarantees.  Sometimes you will have to deal with tremendous challenges to get to your desired destination.  That’s why a positive attitude is so important.

So, can I inspire you to escape the pessimism of reality and create a path toward a better and happier future?  Honestly, we sometimes even have to lie to ourselves about how bleak a situation seems, ignore all the signs that it is hopeless and do everything in our power – act, meditate, pray, visualize, refocus and to get to where we want to be…

The reward for making this switch from negativity to positivity is almost always feeling better inside.  Our burdens are lifted and that light at the end of the tunnel begins to get brighter.  May this amazing thing the mind, body, and spirit do happen to you!  Let your potential soar up high and enjoy the holidays as much as possible!  Make plans to celebrate however, wherever, and whenever you can, to the degree you can.  That certainly will make today and this year a lot more fun and valuable to you and others!  So, go out and enjoy, keep your glass full!

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