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The First Warm Wave of Winter -> Valentine’s Day

Friday, February 13th, 2009

The first sign of true warmth since the winter began is Valentine’s Day. The best thing about Valentine’s Day is that it is completely up to us to take advantage of it as we want to. You are free to celebrate anyway you wish. That is one reason I propose we make it a monthly holiday rather than a yearly one. This is our opportunity to reconnect with that inner warmth, romance, and love. Even if you are not in a relationship, at least you can recall good memories of loving times. The fortunate people that are in a nice relationship, well this is the time to celebrate that bond and make it extra special.

 Let me wish you all a very Happy Valentine’s Day with lots of joy and merriment that will add many golden memories to your life.  Remember that every little effort you make towards your partner will have much greater meaning at this time than others.  It is not surprising that, especially the ladies, expect more attention, signs of affection, indications of dedication, elaborations of commitment, sweet words, nice presents, and whatever else.  Men just hope for a little whooppie.  (Just kidding) Men too hope to feel special and appreciated for the efforts them make to make their girl happy. 

So to make this a great Valentine’s Day with your partner I seriously urge each individual to make some special plans and express as many positive feelings as you are comfortable with.  Lots of people use this occasion to announce an engagement, or profess their total love to their partner, all that is good, but often their are expectations of such gestures that never come which are followed by bitter disappointment.  The rule is do not mislead your partner.  Keep your mate informed of whatever progress you are making towards deeper levels of commitment. 

The truth is that Valentine’s Day is a great opportunity to be reminded that a big part of life is the positive, happy, healthy aspect of our relationship, namely LOVE.  This is a feeling, a sense, a concept, an idea that has been discussed since the beginning of time.  Usually, you know when you are in love because there is nothing else that explain how you feel.  So, when you get that nice, warm, sweet sense of love flooding your world – rejoice, celebrate with your partner and enjoy.  Cherish the good moments and  don’t let the positive feeling fade quickly.  Love doesn’t always last, but it sure does feel good when its on full blast.   So, if you got it, enjoy it, give it all you can, if you do, it is possible you might found that special someone that you have that love for a lifetime!  That is being truly blessed!  

Wishing you a very lovely and memorable experience!



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