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How to Refocus on the Positive?

Saturday, January 10th, 2009

Start with a reality check. If life is presenting extremely difficult challenges, give yourself some extra space and time to deal with the situation. Our resilience is better dealing with one thing at a time than many. Get rest and good food in you too. When we are hungry or tired, stress takes a greater toll.

Next you must refocus on the positive. Reflect on the conditions around you and search for any signs of hope, joy, future rewards, or at least what will this (bad) situation teach you so that you will be stronger in the future. When you are bothered by the uncertainty of life, remember that there is only one thing you can be certain of, what you are feeling and thinking inside. Even if your outside world is upside down, you can imagine and more importantly believe that your internal world is rightside up. The key is to THINK POSITIVELY, that means to search for the best outcomes and ways to reach your goals. When you believe in yourself, it all gets easier.

Refer to Chapter 23 in my book Positive DirectionsThe Gold Keys, this section gets into the details of dealing with adversity. All the best! JR

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