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Monday, September 8th, 2008

That is a normal trait of the human condition. The less sleep, food, rest, we have the more irritable we become. The more tension, stress, and uncertainty we have, the more irritable we become.

Avoiding excessive stress and taking good care of our health can help minimize our irritabilty. However, once we cross that threshold and feel irritated, we have to stop, decompress and regain balance inside. The skill of relaxing and Letting Go are essential to escaping these nasty feelings. If you practice these skills you enhance your ability to decrease that irritability and even turn it off. The point is not to get caught up in the aggrivation, that usually does not help the situation in the first place and when you relax you will be more resourceful to deal with the problem causing the stress. Try one of my programs to relax or learn the art with a professional.

POSITIVE DIRECTIONS published Sept.2008

Sunday, September 7th, 2008

Tuesday September 16th 2008 is the official publication date by Morgan James Publishing.

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What is Your Mental Fitness?

Sunday, September 7th, 2008

Can you imagine the physical fitness of an Olympic athlete? Do you enjoy that kind of mental fitness, strong, flexible, agile, fast, resilient, creative, with a great memory? Would you win the gold, silver, copper, or no medal at all?

Your mental fitness means that you do not get irritated easily and are not irritating to others. You do not cause stress and are not stressing. You do not get offended and are not offensive. The better you are at adapting to your surroundings the higher up the scale of mental fitness you climb.

So how do you feel about your mental fitness?

I have been nicknamed “The Mental Fitness Guru” because I do understand what goes wrong with our mind and how we can fix it. The problem is that it is much easier for us to get STRESSED OUT than it is to UNWIND and RELAX. As you begin to undestand how the system works you will be able to LET GO more often and easily. That is one principle secret of becoming more fit.

This is YOUR FORUM. Go ahead ask a question about mental fitness and I will try to answer it. To your health and progress!

So what do you want to know?

NETWORKING – a digital reality in a virtual world

Sunday, September 7th, 2008

Good Day!

Nearly every event we get involved in requires some degree of NETWORKING… organizing social connections, reaching out to old friends or trying to make new ones. The digital age has dramatically changed the way this is done. Instead of going over to visit someone or at least pick up a phone and speak with them, we are writing emails, text messages, blogging, posting our ideas on YouTube, MySpace, and so on. we spend more time with our electronic gizmos in cyber space than we do connecting with people. I too, use all of these modern systems, but I still prefer human contact.

How about you, does digital communication bother you too, or is it the best way to reach out these days?

In my opinion we are getting better at touching keyboards than each other. Multi-tasking has taken on a whole new meaning, when you are ordering your mocha capuccino, texing a friend, and talking to your co-worker that decided to take a break with you. On one hand, none of this technology is bad, but it is distracting, it takes our mind off what we are doing and puts it somewhere in cyberspace. In order to promote a more productive and happy life, we need to exercise mindfulness, living in the now, and actually connecting face to face with people.

There is a new challenge facing us, to juggle all these digital tools and our own flesh and blood reality. I hear about people texting each other from upstairs to downstairs. How will replacing the old fashioned face to face communication affect our world a generation from now? When I am with people, I feel more hunger for more closeness and intimacy. Lets see what will be in the future.

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