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Do You Think Life is Getting TOO Complicated?

Monday, July 16th, 2007

Our civilization is constantly getting more sophisticated, we have more possibilities than ever before, we have access to unlimited information but, has it made our life easier? In reality, do you feel that most of what the modern world has given us is actually becoming part of the burden we carry. Are you one of the people who wish for greater simplicity, is less better?

Our world has indeed become increasingly more and more complex, the problem is that our mind is designed to deal with simplicity better. Although, it is possible to for us to deal with all the complexity, and some of us are really very good at it, there are many that become exhausted by all the pressure.

The endless complexity of life is stressful to all of us in some way. Even if you deal with it effectively, it does require more work than less and consequently it takes a toll on all of us. The question is what to do?

The answer is to simplify your own life as much as possible, find ways to keep the world around you simple enough and learn to enjoy the rest as much as you can. This is what we all wish we could do easily but, it is something we can all learn to do eventually. The key is to become aware of your intention and desire for that simplicity and work at creating more of it for yourself and others.

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